UNDOKAI goes Online. Online UNDOKAIOnline UNDOKAI

Solving the problem of telework and telecommutingSolving the problem of telework and telecommuting

A new era has begun. Remote work has become the standard at companies all over the world.
The way companies operate and how employees work needed to evolve now more than ever.
Enhanced motivation, active communication, and health promotion measures are required.
UNDOKAI-YA can help with your company’s adversity.

The PC screen has become like
a xsports venue!

Our Online UNDOKAI, allows us to join from anywhere and anyone can participate.
Our online UNDOKAI can strengthen your organization by connecting the hearts of teleworking employees and create “true” communication.

What is Online UNDOKAI?What is Online UNDOKAI?

Online UNDOKAI's image
  • You can attend our online Undokai while at home.
  • You just have a PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. in your own remote location, you can hold our Online Undokai using a platform such as Zoom.
  • It can also be streamed live on YouTube. Therefore, family, friends and co-workers can watch and support.
Create multiple teams of about 10 people to compete in the competitions.

*You may move your body, so it is recommended that you have a space of 2 square meters.

Benefits of Online UNDOKAIBenefits of Online UNDOKAI


Our commitment

“Real communication” enhances organizational strength!
“Real communication” is necessary to raise the motivation of each employee and make that power the power of the organization.
“Real communication” is to share the future you are aiming for and take action.
We, UNDOKAI-YA provide services to create this “real communication” in your organization.

Example of programExample of program


Recommended time is 2~3 hours.

Example program
Opening Declaration from executive
Opening Declaration
Preparatory exercise
Opening declaration from the president!

Preparatory exercise promotes health Since it will be communication online, first of all, content focused on deepening the fellowship of the team!

It is possible to create an original program by combining competitions according to the purpose of the event!

Impressive closing ceremony!
After our UNDOKAI, enjoy an online happy hour party!
an online happy hour party

Online competitionOnline competition


Enjoy a sense of unity
from original competitions!

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Athletic Brothrs LEFT Athletic Brothrs RIGHT Athletic Brothrs

How to utilize online Undokai?How to utilize online Undokai?

Benefit packages
  • Corporate events or company events
  • Welcome and farewell parties
  • Before the online parties
Online training, team building
  • Develop teamwork
  • Promotion of mutual understanding
  • Improved productivity
Education and training for professional development

You can arrange the content of the activities for the purpose of acquiring and improving knowledge, occupational skills, and as a training program.

Flow and scheduleFlow and schedule

Flow and schedule1 Flow and schedule2 Flow and schedule3 Flow and schedule1 Flow and schedule2 Flow and schedule3 Flow and schedule4 Flow and schedule5 Flow and schedule6



Telework support special plan

Telework support special planTelework support special plan

Special guest

Spotlight participants and help them feel recognized!
・Celebrity MC can be your Online UNDOKAI MC
・Celebrity competes together as a teammate
・Celebrity highlights selected material

Special guest

Online UNDOKAI movie creation

Participants can enjoy the special memory and watch again
We will send you the movie.

Online UNDOKAI movie creation

Original t-shirt

Create a sense of unity from viewing matching teams online.
Original T-shirt to create a special memory

Original t-shirt

Winning trophies, prizes, etc.

We will arrange and ship for you.

Winning trophies, prizes, etc.

YouTube distribution

Live broadcast of Online UNDOKAI.
Please use it for company PR.

YouTube distribution

Original background

Create a background for each team to create a special feeling!

Original background
Athletic Brothrs LEFT

Questionnaire survey

We will survey your satisfaction level and submit a report on the final day.
Give feedback regarding your Online UNDOKAI.

Questionnaire survey
Athletic Brothrs RIGHT

Customer's voiceCustomer's voice



Held May 28, 2020

It was held for the purpose of promoting the health of employees during telework and strengthen communication. After the Online Undokai, we conducted a satisfaction survey.
96% answered that they were “satisfied” and 86% said that they would like to participate again.



“I’ve addressed my recent lack of exercise”
“We were able to communicate and the team was able to unite”
“I enjoyed the competition from my home.”
“It’s sometimes hard to prepare to meet in-person, but it’s easy to participate online.”
As you can see from the fact that teamwork was improved online and my lack of physical exercise was addressed, I could feel the effect. “It’s online, but it was fun to feel competition and motivation not to lose.”
“I was impressed to see the members enjoying themselves.”
“I was able to see an unexpected side of co-workers.”
We realized that it is worth it, just like a real athletic meet.


Overall operation feedback of Online UNDOKAI

We received the evaluation that it was excellent quality and everyone made good progress even if it was their first time.
At first, the employees did not know what to expect because it was online. Employees felt “serious” in consideration of the event details and to prevent problems that might occur in the competition.
“I would love to participate again when there are new activities added to Online Undokai.” We look forward to the day when we can have a sports day in-person together.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Frequently Asked Questions

How many people should join?
20 to 40 people are recommended to participate. Please contact us if you would like to participate with more people.
What happens if I am unable to participate due to communication problems or equipment problems during the competition?
Unexpected problems can occur with real sports events. Even online, it is possible to have unexpected issues. In the case of trouble please sign out of the Online UNDOKAI and re-enter as soon as you are able.
What happens if I get injured?
It is possible to take out accident insurance and REC insurance. If the purpose of the event is training, please consider adapting to industrial accidents.
I don’t like showing my home on the background screen. I want to ensure my privacy.
You can avoid this by changing the background settings. You can also prepare your own original wallpaper.
Can I participate as a parent and child?
There are children’s competitions and parent-child competitions, so take this opportunity to have fun together as a family!